Family Mediation

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“Carrie has been truly amazing. She’s friendly, approachable, and outstanding at what she does. I needed her help with separation and child access issues, I found her advice and guidance invaluable and would have struggled without her.”

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Family Mediation

Separating from your partner or spouse can feel overwhelming and having to make important decisions regarding your family’s future may feel like too much of a challenge. At this point, one way forward may be to work with an expert family mediator.

A constructive option for your family

A mediator’s aim is to get the best possible outcome for your family, by sitting down with you and your partner and addressing your future plans, concerns and hopes.

By opening lines of communication, Family Mediation is a powerful tool in facilitating fruitful discussions and helping you avoid the expense of going to court. 

Why would you choose mediation?

  • It allows you to be more amicable and work together to make decisions.
  • Mediation can be much quicker because there is no long wait for a Court date.
  • You can keep control, rather than handing decisions over to a Judge.
  • The cost of mediation can be significantly less than doing everything through lawyers, in some cases tens of thousands of pounds less. 
  • The mediation process is designed to give mediation the best possible chance of success.
  • Mediation can empower you to resolve issues amicably and at a lower cost while retaining control over important decisions. 

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