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Preventing Business Disputes

Prevention is better than the cure. We help business owners to take proactive steps to protect their business, reducing the likelihood of a dispute from occurring and helping to ensure that they are in a strong position if they do. We offer a range of fixed fee services to review different areas of your business, including a comprehensive review of your terms of business.

Building a successful business takes a lot of hard work and when that business is threatened by a dispute, it can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. If a dispute does arise, having an experienced, commercially aware lawyer in your corner is invaluable. Whether you run a start-up or a small or medium sized enterprise, our expert team of business dispute resolution solicitors will use their extensive experience to support you with practical, down-to-earth and cost-effective legal advice.

Future-ready businesses

One thing’s for sure when it comes to disputes, prevention is better than a cure. Our aim is to empower your business to prepare for the future. With Hedges, you receive the support of an expert, multi-disciplinary team capable of safeguarding and future proofing your business interests.

Act without delay

Our team of business dispute resolution solicitors can advise on measures to help prevent disputes or represent you should recovery or enforcement action be required.

If you find yourself embroiled in a dispute, seek expert legal advice as soon as possible. By acting early, we can work to prevent the situation from escalating further. With extensive experience across a wide range of business disputes and a superb track record of achieving outstanding results for clients, you can be assured Hedges will get you back to ‘business as usual’ as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our business law specialisms

At Hedges, our experienced team can help with a wide array of business legal matters, including:

Review of business terms 

We can review your terms of business to check that they reflect the current legal requirements to prevent financial loss or possible legal action. Our team of pragmatic, jargon busting lawyers will also ensure they are concise and clear, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Goods & service contracts

Our specialist dispute resolution team will review, draft and negotiate supply of goods and service agreements and other business contracts.

Debt Recovery

Having a healthy cash flow is crucial to business success. We can advise businesses and other organisations on the options available to recover and secure debt.

Employee & HR Issues

It pays to be prepared when it comes to employment and HR issues. Dismissing an employee, for whatever reason, can often lead to a risk of claims. Our experienced solicitors can guide you through the ever-changing laws relating to employment disputes. We can help you future proof your business and reduce the risk of employment claims.

Business Insurance Claims

We can offer advice when you are pursuing a claim through your property, business or health insurer. Our insurance claim specialists will help you expertly navigate making a claim, for the best outcome possible.

Partnership / Shareholder Disputes

Partnership and shareholder disputes can be a drain on profit and productivity. We can help you come to a cost-effective and efficient solution, often through expert negotiation. Where necessary, litigation may come into play but rest assured, the Hedges team has an excellent track record.

Business check-in service

If you’re looking to future proof your business, you could benefit from our “check-in” service. This is a cost-effective, fixed-fee option for business owners looking for legal advice across a variety of different areas.

For commercial property disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, as well as leases, licences & tenancy advice, please visit our property disputes page.

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