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Why family mediation could be the best way to resolve your family disputes

There are many benefits to using family mediation as a way to resolve issues following a relationship breakdown.

It is usually the most cost-effective and shortest route to reaching an agreement, helping to keep the matter out of Court and allowing you both to move on from the relationship in the best shape possible. Mediation, alongside advice from a family law solicitor, is a great option for many couples.

We’ve helped many separating couples resolve their issues using mediation. Here are the top 5 benefits we’ve seen when couples engage in family mediation:

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What to expect from family mediation

Deciding what to do with your assets can be difficult and challenging for separating couples. Whilst some may consider Court to be the only option if you cannot agree, couples are being urged to consider mediation to settle disputes if it is appropriate. The Family Procedure Rules require couples to have attempted mediation (or another […]

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