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Lifetime planning, an introduction

The thought of organising your Will, Probate, and Inheritance arrangements with an inheritance solicitor can be difficult. It’s only natural that this planning can get pushed to the bottom of the list when it hardly feels like a priority.

Yet life has few certainties, and your loved ones really will thank you for acting now, rather than leaving it too late. Our expert team of inheritance lawyers in Oxfordshire will help you to future-proof your affairs and give you invaluable peace of mind by expertly guiding you through every legal aspect of lifetime planning, including Wills. Read on to discover more about our expert Wills, Probate, and Inheritance services.

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Your Will

It’s never too early to secure your future and protect your loved ones by writing or reviewing your Will. Doing so will grant you peace of mind and help to avoid the likelihood of disputes arising after you die.

At Hedges, Wills are written and reviewed by expert lawyers. By regularly reviewing your Will, you ensure it truly reflects your current wishes at each stage in life. Our experienced solicitors can meet you face to face in one of our Oxfordshire locations or remotely.

Hedges is proud to have a number of solicitors who are accredited specialists and members of The Association of Lifetime Lawyers. Membership demonstrates specific expertise in helping and advising those in later life to plan for their final years. They are also trained in guiding and advising the families and professional advisers of the elderly.

When a loved one dies

Losing a loved one is likely to be a deeply emotional time, sometimes traumatic and often overwhelming. This can make the task of sorting out their affairs feel impossible. The expert advisors here at Hedges are here to support those who are recently bereaved with whatever is needed during this difficult time. You can be guaranteed expert, jargon-free legal advice, delivered with kindness and compassion.

Probate management & advice

Our expert team can manage the entire Probate on your behalf, or handle matters just to Grant of Probate only. We can also provide advice for those who want to undertake the Probate process themselves but just need a little guidance through the various steps in the journey. We will always tailor the scope of our advice to fit exactly what you need.

With the Hedges team by your side in whatever scope, you will be able to efficiently navigate obstacles and smoothly complete the Probate process. You can meet our team face to face or via a video call to learn more about the probate process and the likely costs.

Inheritance Planning

The passing on of your estate should be a celebration of your life’s work, yet it is often riddled with complexities, disputes and tax implications which can prove a burden to your loved ones. It’s never too soon to future-proof yourself and the ones you love with diligent inheritance planning. Let Hedges’ expertise help you to protect the fruits of your labour.

Advice on Trusts

Trusts are as numerous as they are complex. When used correctly, trusts can help you to control, protect and minimise taxation on your assets as well as protecting your loved ones after your death in the way you’d wish. Hedges can advise on every legal aspect relating to trusts, whether you are looking to create a trust within your will and estate planning or if there is a dispute of some kind.

Power of Attorney

Putting in place a Power of Attorney means that should you every lose the capacity to manage your own affairs, the person or people of your choosing will be the ones to take decisions on your behalf. Appointing one or more attorneys over your financial assets and for your personal welfare is a relatively straightforward exercise and can create huge peace of mind for you and your family. Our expert team can guide you through every aspect of creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and help answer any questions you have about your options and choices.

Disputes about Wills and Inheritance

The death of a loved one may be a very emotional time. Modern life brings with it all manner of family complexities and we are seeing an increase in the number of situations in which families may fall out after a death. Even with a Will in place, all manner of disputes can still arise which may need sensitive and expert legal advice to resolve. Our specialist Dispute Resolution lawyers in Oxford and Wallingford have a wealth of knowledge of these kinds of inheritance disputes. Discover more information on our dedicated Wills and inheritance dispute page.

Help From Hedges

Help from Hedges is a specialist service for those in later life, and their families and friends who would prefer to spend precious quality time with each other, than be burdened with time-consuming paperwork, home organisation and admin. By dealing with those tasks for you, Help From Hedges frees up your time and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything is being taken care of.

Our Specialists

Our wills, probate & inheritance specialists

Deborah Darlow, Probate Practitioner at Hedges Law

Deborah Darlow

Probate Practitioner

Rachel Harwood, Legal Assistant, Disputes Team at Hedges Law

Rachel Harwood

Legal Assistant

Tamsin Lester-John


Robert Lynn, Wills, Probate & Inheritance Solicitor at Hedges Law

Robert Lynn

Senior Associate

Leanne Miles, Wills, Probate & Inheritance Legal Assistant at Hedges Law

Leanne Miles

Legal Assistant

Louise O'Donnell, Wills, Probate & Inheritance Solicitor at Hedges Law

Louise O’Donnell


Yasmine Plummer

Trainee Solicitor

Ella Swanwick, Trainee Solicitor, Disputes Team at Hedges Law

Ella Swanwick


Peter Tyrrell


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