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Easements Explained

Easements refer to a landowner’s right to use neighbouring land to benefit his own land. The key here is that the easement is not simply created for the landowner’s personal gain, but rather that of his land. 

For example, you might need a right of way through a neighbour’s land to reach the road, or you may need permission and approval to run infrastructure, such as water pipes, through the neighbour’s land to reach your property. In both scenarios, the easements primarily benefit the land.

What is a deed of easement?

A deed of easement is the codified record which defines the scope of an easement. If you require access to a neighbouring property for the purpose of an easement, a deed of easement clearly outlines the agreement. Providing clarity and protection for both parties.

The landowner benefiting from the easement is usually responsible for the cost of acquiring the deed, as well as any further expenditure required to create the easement. Whilst this sounds rather complex, our experienced property solicitors have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process using clear, jargon-free English.

Talk to us for more information regarding easements and the likely costs involved in the process.

How long does it take to get a deed of easement?

How long it will take to obtain a deed of easement will depend on the details of the easement and how the process of negotiations between the parties goes.

Once we understand your situation, we would be able to provide an estimate as to how long the process may take.

If it’s time sensitive, start early to ensure any projects planned will not be unnecessarily delayed.

Do easements affect property value?

In some circumstances an easement may negatively affect your property, but every situation is different.

How an easement could affect a future buyers view of a property should be a consideration.

We would be able to discuss any consequences of an easement with you once we understand the details involved.

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