Why family mediation could be the best way to resolve your family disputes

Family Mediation - 3 minutes read

There are many benefits to using family mediation as a way to resolve issues following a relationship breakdown.

It is usually the most cost-effective and shortest route to reaching an agreement, helping to keep the matter out of Court and allowing you both to move on from the relationship in the best shape possible. Mediation, alongside advice from a family law solicitor, is a great option for many couples.

We’ve helped many separating couples resolve their issues using mediation. Here are the top 5 benefits we’ve seen when couples engage in family mediation:

You will save time and money

In nearly all circumstances, family mediation will cost you less and help you resolve issues quicker. You should always get advice from a family law solicitor, but using solicitors to resolve disputes between you will be the more expensive option compared to mediation.

If your matter goes to Court, you can expect expensive and potentially very long waits to have your matter concluded. The Court process can often be very stressful and should be avoided if there is any other way forward.

You make the choice to engage in the process

You will come into the mediation process voluntarily to sort out your issues. By making this choice yourselves, you are more likely to have the desire and the drive to make the process a success and reach an outcome that you can both live with and stick to. The process works so that you and your ex will make decisions for your future and there is likely to be less chance of miscommunication or interpretation than with solicitors’ letters.

You can take account of what is important to you

Family mediation allows you to consider what is most important to you and your family. Mediation can help you focus on the key issues that are preventing you both from moving on and help you to come up with solutions yourself. The best solution for you or your family, may not be one that a Judge can decide. Almost anything that is relevant to your separation can be resolved through mediation. This could be arrangements for children, what’s going to happen to your house, who is going to pay the mortgage or rent in the meantime, who is going to start a divorce, or even who is going to take care of any pets.

Your discussion will remain a private matter and the process is confidential

Family mediation happens in a private space, where you can work out your issues and come to an agreement yourselves, without the scrutiny of others. When family issues go to Court, there is no guarantee that they will not become public, as reporters and legal bloggers can attend Court and report on what they see. With the increased push for the work of the family Court to be more open and accessible, retaining privacy is something that is going to become even harder moving forward.

It is a more amicable approach to resolving a dispute

There are no winners and losers in mediation. Your qualified mediator will help you to reach decisions together. They act to maintain a balance between you so that you can discuss things calmly. Although mediation should not be viewed as the “easy” option – conflicts will still occur – it is usually more civil than other options. Your mediator will not promote acrimonious language, or position a disagreement as a fight, something the Court process can often feel like.

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