Employee Ownership

A new era of employee ownership for Hedges

Since Hedges’ foundation in 1789, our law firm has witnessed two World Wars, 63 Prime Ministers and ten British monarchs. Despite our longevity, innovation and excellence has always remained at the heart of the Hedges operation.

As of May 2021, Hedges entered a new era by becoming employee owned. A bold move for a firm with such heritage, yet one which highlights our desire to future proof the exceptional service we provide to clients and remain relevant and innovative for a long time to come.

“Employee owned companies tend to excel in engaging employees, who in turn drive performance, innovation and service excellence, with the opportunity to share in the wealth they create. Employee owned businesses promote fairness and economic resilience.”

Nicola Poole

Managing Director of Hedges Law

Employee Ownership in numbers


of employee owners experience a sense of achievement from their job


of consumers agree that employee-owned businesses are more trustworthy


agree that it would be better for the economy if there were more employee-owned businesses


of employee owners are happy to recommend their organisations as a workplace

Employee Ownership

The benefits of Employee Ownership

At Hedges, our move to employee ownership is driven by a desire to benefit our clients, employees, the local community and our business.

When employees gain ownership in a business, research suggests they become more engaged, happier and collectively more productive. In turn, this drives better outcomes for clients and, unsurprisingly, employee owned businesses tend to be popular and trusted by their local communities.

As a result, employee owned businesses are often more resilient, agile and better at weathering economic challenges. They tend to grow faster than their peers and can be more profitable. Good news all round for Hedgeholders, our clients and the local community too.

"Being a Hedgeholder means that each and every person, no matter what job they do, can really make a difference and is completely valued... The Hedges family is stronger than ever and the clients are only going to benefit from that and also feel a part of something brilliant.”

Sarah Baker

Hedgeholder & part of the team since 1999

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