One Couple, One Lawyer for divorcing couples

We are delighted to be able to offer clients our One Couple, One Lawyer service for divorcing couples. Where this service is appropriate, couples will no longer have to instruct separate solicitors, and can instead use the same lawyer. This will often save you time and money, as well as helping to reduce conflict.

How does it work?

This depends on whether an agreement has already been reached and by which method. In all cases, we need to assess whether the One Couple, One Lawyer option is suitable.

We will do this by having an individual meeting with each of you. Once this has taken place, we will start the joint process and what this looks like depends on what the issues are. It is likely to be a series of joint meetings and joint emails.

Remember, you will need to be completely transparent and we cannot hold information privately for either of you if you are using the One Couple, One Lawyer service. We also cannot negotiate on behalf of one or the other of you and you must be committed to maintaining constructive communication and resolving matters.

Download a copy of the process document here.

Is it right for me?

Although there are many benefits, this service is not right for everyone. Below describes situations where the One Couple, One Lawyer service would be appropriate:

  1. A couple who have been to mediation, reached a financial agreement and would like this agreement to be set out into a final consent order and approved by the Court. Having an agreement approved by the Court is a very important step as it makes it final and binding. We will advise in relation to whether the agreement would be considered fair and the available options in relation to any issues. We will set out the agreement in a formal Court document, help the couple to complete the other necessary Court documents, and lodge the application.

  1. A couple who is attending mediation and who have become stuck on an issue. We can advise on the possible and likely outcomes in relation to that issue and the range of available options. The couple can then return to mediation with this knowledge. Once a financial agreement has been reached in mediation, we can provide overall advice as to fairness and assist in obtaining approval from the Court.

  1. A couple who have reached an agreement by means other than mediation, and who have a good knowledge of each other’s financial circumstances. The couple might want advice as to whether the agreement they have reached is fair, and whether there are any other options that they may wish to take into account. We can help facilitate further discussions if necessary. Once an agreement is reached, we will assist in obtaining approval from the Court.

  1. A couple who have not reached an agreement but are on amicable terms and are prepared to be fully open and honest with each other regarding their circumstances. We will help the couple establish what information is needed in order for them to reach an agreement, help facilitate reaching an agreement, providing advice on possible and likely outcomes along the way, and obtaining approval from the Court as to the final agreement.

There are some circumstances where this service would not be appropriate. This includes, where there has been domestic abuse, substance misuse including alcoholism or mental health issues, where one person feels unable to speak freely about their wishes, or when there is not a level playing field. We will assess whether the One Couple, One Lawyer option is suitable for you at the beginning of the process, by having individual meetings with each of you, and we will continue to assess this throughout the process.

Talk to us

If you would like to talk about our One Couple, One Lawyer service or discuss your options, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our highly experienced family law team.

We are dedicated to resolving matters as amicably as possible and every solicitor in our family team are members of Resolution which means we have a duty to reduce conflict wherever possible.