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“Matthew offered clear and thorough advice throughout the process, was friendly and approachable and offered us peace of mind in what has been a very stressful time.”

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Making an insurance claim

It can be incredibly daunting to make a claim against an insurer. People often worry that making a claim might affect their future premiums and whether there’s even any point pursuing a claim against such large institutions. 

Our specialist insurance claims team will help you level the playing field. By guiding you through the entire process with jargon-free advice, the team’s extensive experience of the insurance claims process will give you clarity and ownership over the process.

Our specialisms

The Hedges team is regularly instructed by people pursuing a claim through their property, business or health insurer. Using our expertise in these areas, the team will advise on the merits and risks of your case, before guiding you with clear, pragmatic advice at each stage in the process.

It can be quite alien to people to realise this process is sometimes funded by the insurer and our team will need to keep them updated on the progress of your case. Despite this, you should rest assured that the team will always act in your best interests.

If your claim is refused

There are many reasons for a claim being refused but the most common reasons include incorrect information being provided to the insurer or a lack of due care or negligence from the claimant. Whichever it is, the insurer will need to explain the reason for refusing your claim.

If you wish to dispute the insurer’s decision, you must provide your counter-argument and this is where our expert insurance claim solicitors can support you. This might involve proving the information you originally provided was accurate, identifying the clauses in the policy documents which demonstrate you were in fact covered, or highlighting any ambiguities in the policy. 

Business Insurance Claims

We can offer advice to businesses when you are pursuing a claim through your property, business or health insurer. Our insurance claim specialists will help you expertly navigate making a claim, for the best outcome possible.

Our Specialists

Our insurance claims team

Insurance claim pricing

We understand the importance of having clear information and transparency about the cost of your legal advice.

Details of our pricing will always be provided from the outset and once our team has an understanding of your legal needs, you will receive a detailed summary of the expected cost, as well as any payment options available. Please contact us to find out more.

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