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“Faced with a difficult – almost impossible – situation Claire’s calm and supportive attitude and willingness to help find a creative solution was hugely appreciated as we fought for a workable outcome. Thank you.”

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There are many different types of trusts, but they are typically set up to protect assets so that they can be passed on to family and loved ones at a later date. Unfortunately, disputes can arise when trustees or beneficiaries of the trust do not agree on how it is being managed.

These disputes often involved family members so they can be extremely stressful, especially if you want to project those relationships and avoid an emotional fallout. 

We have a wealth of experience dealing with trust disputes and our experts can help you to secure your preferred outcome whilst working carefully to preserve family relationships when they are important to you.

Protecting the proper management of a trust

Whether you are a beneficiary of a trust or a trustee, we can help. Disputes often arise due to concerns about the administration or management of a trust, the interpretation of the trust documents, or disagreements about the details of the trust assets. As beneficiaries of a trust, disputes can also arise if there are concerns that a trust does truly reflect the wishes of the person that set up the trust or where there is a disparity between what family members benefit from the assets held within that trust 

When a trustee fails to take proper care in the management of a trust there can be serious negative consequences. If there are concerns about the conduct of a trustee then we can help to swiftly resolve the matter to ensure that the trust is managed effectively. 

Our trust dispute solicitors have supported clients with all sorts of disputes involving the management of a trust. Whether you are bringing or defending a claim as a trustee or a beneficiary, we can talk through all of your options and discuss the best way forward to achieve the outcome you want.

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