Carrie Rudge, Senior Associate & Mediator at Hedges Law

Carrie Rudge

Senior Associate & Mediator (on maternity leave)

I’m an experienced family lawyer and mediator. I joined Hedges in 2015 and I’m proud to be part of such an excellent family team.

As a family lawyer, I help my clients through divorce and separation, in particular, resolving how best to divide finances.

My area of expertise lies in working with directors and company owners, particularly where family businesses and business assets have been built up during the marriage.

I enjoy working with clients who want to keep matters amicable and timely. I focus on achieving the end goals for my clients, limiting the cost and emotional upset as much as possible.

I trained as a family mediator because I am passionate about giving separating couples a chance to make decisions in an amicable, quick and cost effective way. Making decisions together, rather than having them imposed, gives them a far greater chance of being workable.

I love to give my clients the gift of achieving the best possible outcomes in a way they can look back on and be proud of.


"I wanted someone who was calm, containing, and knowledgable, and who also had an ethical approach. Carrie was exactly what I needed. She gave me clear and expert advice, guiding me to a fair settlement in a way that took the heat out of the situation."

Carrie Rudge

Senior Associate & Mediator (on maternity leave)

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Carrie Rudge

Senior Associate & Mediator (on maternity leave)

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