Yasmine Plummer

Trainee Solicitor

I am an aspiring solicitor with a Bachelors and Masters in Law. At the moment, I am working closely with our client support manager, helping to provide a great experience for all our clients, both old and new.

Aside from my passion for law, I pride myself on being a positive and compassionate being. I enjoy learning and understanding different perspectives to widen my mind so I will never shy away from a conversation. It takes a little bit of everything to make a world!

Food is a big part of my life. In my culture, food is a way to connect and relax so I love exploring new recipes. I’ve been vegetarian for the most part of my life and transitioned to vegan quite a few years ago. Getting creative with vegan cooking is one of my favourite hobbies.


"A helpful response by Hedges at every stage."

Yasmine Plummer

Trainee Solicitor

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Yasmine Plummer

Trainee Solicitor

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