Deborah Darlow, Probate Practitioner at Hedges Law

Deborah Darlow

Probate Practitioner

I started working within the area of probate in 1991 for Midland Bank in their Trust Company department in Sheffield.

Since then, I’ve continued to work in probate, and have supported hundreds of people over the years. I love being able to help families at such a difficult time.

Outside of work, I love to spend my spare time walking our two dogs on the local beaches. As a family, we enjoy regular camping trips to Cornwall and visits back to Yorkshire to catch up with friends.

I enjoy watching my son’s football team, music, a good tv drama and planning the next DIY project at home.


"Very efficient and professional at all times."

Deborah Darlow

Probate Practitioner

Deborah Darlow

Probate Practitioner

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