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Maniba Zafar

Legal Assistant

Since completing my LPC in 2022, I have had the privilege of gaining legal experience in residential conveyancing as well as Wills and probate. I like how residential conveyancing is both conventional and aleatory – allowing for the perfect combination of steady planning and leeway for spontaneity.

I especially enjoy helping first time buyers navigate and understand the legal processes and being able to complete on a transaction is incredibly rewarding.

Outside of work, I find joy in trying new activities and spending time with friends and family and sampling new foods (and mostly realising I dislike said new foods – perks of being a picky eater). I am an avid TV series / movie connoisseur and love learning about different cultures and languages. So much so, I am trying to learn a few languages myself!


"I would use this firm for other issues in the future, and recommend them to others."


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