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family moving into a house

How we make your move faster and smoother

Moving house can be a stressful experience. There are lots of different people involved and much of the process is out of your hands but finding the right professionals can make all the difference to ensure it is as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

We understand the importance of speed and transparency, that’s why our conveyancing service is consistently found to be superior to other local firms.

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person sitting at a desk with house keys in the foreground

We’re making a difference with every house move you make

When you ask anyone in our property team what they love about their job, they will invariably tell you it’s that they love to help people move into their dream home. Having a place that you can call home should be the reality for everyone. That’s why Homeless Oxfordshire is our charity of the year […]

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Legal battle puts dream home at risk

A change of use of land can impact upon the use and extent of easements. In this case reported in the national press, a homeowner claimed her enjoyment of horse riding would be adversely affected by more traffic using her driveway to access new homes being built on neighbouring land.  The neighbouring landowner objected to […]

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Court of Appeal ruling on Japanese Knotweed

A recent landmark ruling from the Court of Appeal could pave the way for waves of compensation to homeowners who are the victims of Japanese Knotweed. In this reported case, a homeowner successfully sued his local council after the invasive plant spread onto his land from a disused railway line. This is a significant result, […]

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To buy or not to buy – that is the question!

In the case of Aviva Investors Ground Rent GP Ltd and another v Williams and others [2023], the Supreme Court has held that landlords of leasehold properties have the statutory right to unilaterally reallocate and reapportion charges where they are permitted to do so under the property lease and where reasonable. This reverses the decisions […]

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Here’s looking at you!

The Supreme Court has ruled that the viewing gallery at the London Tate Modern is a nuisance to neighbouring luxury apartments. At first glance, it may seem odd that individuals who purchased properties with glass walls next to the London landmark were pursuing a claim for nuisance.  But the highest court in the land considered […]

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My right, or yours?

Issac Newton once said “we build too many walls, and not enough bridges”.  But he didn’t comment on the legal ramifications when we build those walls (or, in this case, 6 foot fences). In this case, a couple have been faced with their neighbour erecting a 6 foot high fence, which they say has block […]

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Getting tangled in knots… The curse of Japanese Knotweed

When selling your property, you must complete the Law Society Property Information Form (TA6), providing the buyer with important information to enable them to satisfy themselves about the condition of the property and to assist with enquiries and searches. In this reported case, the seller answered “no” to the presence of Japanese Knotweed at the […]

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Will you keep it down please?

Noise is one of the top causes for neighbour disputes, but what do you do if your neighbour’s steamy sex life is the cause of the nuisance? After knocking on the bedroom wall did little to alleviate the problem, a Mumsnet user decided to take her complaint to social media to get advice.  Amongst the […]

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