Elizabeth Currie

Operations Director

I specialise in the field of Risk and Compliance which is an area I am passionate about. I originally qualified into criminal defence and also worked as a fee earner in other areas of practice. I crossed over into the compliance and business services side well over 10 years ago and have loved it ever since.

I believe that compliance doesn’t have to be about red tape and blocking inspiration but in fact can be used to enhance the client experience as well as protecting the firm. I am excited to work with the team at Hedges as I love the blend of traditional and modern and am excited about the direction the firm is going in.

In my personal life I am a keen walker and runner, complete foodie and love exploring the UK with my husband and little dog!


"A refreshing efficient experience - extremely understanding and willing to go the extra mile for me. Would thoroughly recommend."

Elizabeth Currie

Operations Director

Elizabeth Currie

Operations Director

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