One Couple, One Lawyer a new service for divorcing couples

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Wherever possible, separating couples should consider Non-Court options to resolve any issues. Our family team are experts in a range options to resolve family issues without going to Court, so we are thrilled to launch our One Couple, One Lawyer service, designed for couples seeking to work together to come to an agreement.

Where this option is appropriate, couples will not need to instruct separate solicitors, but will instead work together with one lawyer who will support them through the divorce process.

Some key features of our One Couple, One Lawyer service includes:

  • Discussions with both of you to ensure the process is right for you and your circumstances.
  • Advising on the legal process and the available options to you and the potential outcomes.
  • Joint meetings to facilitate the reaching of an agreement through exploring options and concerns.
  • Advising on whether any agreement reached would be considered fair by the Court.
  • Setting out your agreement in a formal legal document so that it can be lodged with the Court for approval along with all the required information for the Court to determine whether the agreement you have reached is fair.

You can find more information about our One Couple, One Lawyer service here.

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If you’d like to discuss our new One Couple, One Lawyer service, or your options for reaching an agreement following a separation then do not hesitate to get in touch with our highly experienced family law team.

We are dedicated to resolving matters as amicably as possible and every solicitor in our family team are members of Resolution which means we have a duty to reduce conflict wherever possible.