Nicola Poole

Managing Director

I’ve been at Hedges for almost 20 years now.

I’m always looking at ways in which we can improve our clients’ experience and I’m firmly focussed on ensuring that Hedges is a terrific place to work. We were the fifth law firm in the country to become employee-owned, so all of our employees, known as ‘HedgeHolders’, have a stake in our business too.

My background is in family law. When I first started working at Hedges, I quickly realised what a wonderful opportunity I had to be able to bring the business into the 21st Century and help it to thrive. Hedges has since developed to become the forward-thinking, fabulous company that you see now.

Being a leader of this 233 year old firm has been a pleasure and a privilege.


"Nicola is an amazing solicitor with a wealth of experience: highly intelligent, sensible, conscientious, quick, and provides clear, incisive advice; an excellent strategist. She has an undeniable hands-on approach with protecting her client’s interests."


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