The mother of all journeys to parenthood.

I’ve so excited to have just pre-ordered The Mother Project by Sophie Beresiner which is going to print next spring with HarperCollins.

The subject of an award-winning and hugely popular column of the same title charted the author’s extra-ordinary journey to motherhood, after cancer in her 30s resulted in infertility.

Described by its publishers as ” part memoir, part manifesto, The Mother Project is the epic story of Sophie’s quest for happiness. Exploring the complexities, expectations and injustices faced by millions of women across the world, it is a book that is both personal and universal.”

The Times writes this week about about the legal complexities Sophie had to navigate following the birth of daughter by surrogate and how the process led her to ponder just what it is that makes us a parent anyway. 

Fascinating reading for parents, family lawyers and all of these who support the family creation journey along the way. 

Thank you Sophie for sharing your journey.


Sophie Beresiner: ‘A letter from the family court reminds me that I’m not officially her mother yet’

While she waits for her mother status to become official in the eyes of the law, our columnist reflects on what makes you a parent anyway.

My daughter is six months old and she’s not officially mine yet. Before M was born, we worked with lawyers to have everything in place to be able to whizz through the parental order red tape, knowing that the best-case scenario for a straightforward surrogacy case is about six months.