Will you keep it down please?

Noise is one of the top causes for neighbour disputes, but what do you do if your neighbour’s steamy sex life is the cause of the nuisance?

After knocking on the bedroom wall did little to alleviate the problem, a Mumsnet user decided to take her complaint to social media to get advice.  Amongst the replies were suggestions to clap the neighbours, play canned laughter, or offer a racing-style commentary on the couple’s performance.

But even though the subject matter may cause some readers to giggle, for people suffering from noise disturbance, this is no laughing matter, especially when it impacts on their ability to live their daily life.  

If the noise presents an unreasonable and substantial interference on the use and enjoyment of property, the complainant may be able to seek an injunction or compensation from their neighbour.

So, whilst the suggestions made by other social media forum may seem entertaining solutions to onlookers, the person affected in this case or others suffering from similar problems would do well to seek expert legal advice on how best to resolve the matter effectively. 

Neighbour driven mad by couple's 'ridiculously loud' sex sessions

They took to social media to complain how the couple made it impossible to watch TV or sleep undisturbed - even during the day

A sleep-deprived neighbour has taken to social media to complain how a couple's steamy sex sessions is making it impossible to go about their everyday life. The anonymous neighbour posted on the Mumsnet's forum to ask for advice after the racy sessions became too much for them to handle.