War of the Wives…

Another day another inheritance dispute in the High Court.

I am very much looking forward to reading the Judgment on this one. Mr Collici’s (the deceased) first wife brings an action against his second wife (as Executor of her husband’s estate), seeking a declaration of ownership with respect to shares in the multi million pound ice cream business. His Will left nothing to his children, but a letter of wishes explained he felt he had adequately provided for them during their lifetime. Mr Collici had remarried and had young baby with his second wife, leaving his estate to them. 

It will be interesting to see whether an alleged 2016 agreement is considered binding. But it is notable that the legal fees are already said to be in excess of £150,000 for the Collici family, who are suing as surviving shareholders of the company.

One to watch!

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"The two wives of a multimillionaire ice cream magnate are locked in a frosty family inheritance fight over his £4.75 million fortune.

Ernesto 'Ernie Colicci died of Covid in 2021, aged 66, having spent 40 years carving out a London-based ice cream empire with his first wife, Josephine Colicci.

The entrepreneur, who came to the UK from Italy in 1982 'with a dream to sell ice cream, built a business with 35 cafes, boutique restaurants and vintage ice cream trucks across Londons parks. But the couple divorced in 2011 and Ernie married his second wife, Russian-born Nora Grinberg, in 2014."