Murderer ordered to pay victims family compensation

I have yet to watch The Sixth Commandment on BBC, but it is one of a number of television series recently based on inheritance disputes and the drama that can often surround them.

Ben Field was a church warden in Buckinghamshire who devised a sinister plot to dupe the vulnerable by manipulating them into fake relationships and then getting them to change their wills. Field is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Peter Farquhar. Field had carried out a sustained “gaslighting” plot aimed at making Mr Farquhar question his sanity. He moved things around the house making his victim irritated and confused and also drugged his drinks and food.

He was found not guilty of plotting to kill Mr Farquhar’s neighbour Ann Moore-Martin but admitted defrauding her.

He has been ordered by Oxford County Court to sell his flat to provide compensation to the victims families.

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