Love thy neighbour? Getting disputes out of all proportion…

Sometimes in litigation there is no winner. This case, widely reported by the press for its warning tale, reinforces just how vital it is for lawyers to guide their clients towards pragmatic solutions and consider a costs/benefit analysis throughout.  The outcome of this case starkly shows how – regardless of the court’s ultimate decision –  neither party can be considered successful. 

Litigation is always a last resort, its inherently unpredictable and there is a wide discretion when it comes to costs….

“Sue and be damned…”. Yes, maybe!

Controversial artist and neighbour 'are BOTH losers' after they are left sharing cost of Ā£110,000 legal bill following four-year row over Ā£4,000 parking space outside their north London flats Helen MasaczĀ and her neighbour Bernard Chaney fought over a parking spaceĀ  The pair spent more than Ā£110,000 in a court battle thatĀ  ended with 'no winner' A judge has ruled the work can be done and ordered the pair to split the costs.