“Let there be light…” – new guidance for homeowners left in the shadows

UK property agents, Savills, recently reported that nearly 250,000 home extensions were granted permission for the year up to September 2021.

With this mini ‘boom’ in new home extensions following the Covid pandemic, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has released a new consumer guide to help homeowners in England and Wales who may be considering a claim based on their “right to light”.

Approaching a neighbour about a dispute, or challenging a property developer can be daunting, especially if building work is underway or has already been completed.  Those seeking to resolve issues relating to ‘right to light’ are urged to read the RICS guidance and seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Homeowners left in the shadows by neighbouring sheds, fences and home extensions could claim for compensation or have them removed – help for these homeowners is set out in a new consumer guide published by RICS