Left in a halfway house? Construction disputes are on the rise…

According to a recent report from Arcadis, construction disputes in the UK rose by a whopping 117% in 2020.

With such a marked increase, what can you do to avoid or resolve a building dispute?  Here are my top tips:

1. Talk to the trader.  Consumers can rely upon the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to ensure that goods and services are supplied with reasonable care and skill.

2. Keep a record of what terms of contract are agreed, following up telephone calls or face-to-face discussions in writing.  This goes for both parties, as it documents any verbal agreements.

3. Bring in the experts.  Whether you are considering expert determination on disputed issues, or you are considering taking legal action, you will often need independent expert opinion.

4. Check your insurance for legal expenses cover and, equally importantly, any exclusions that apply.

5. Take legal advice to seek resolution.  If conciliation or mediation is not possible, your lawyer will be able to explore options including whether any ombudsman scheme may apply, or whether litigation such as arbitration or court action is required.


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