Women in wellies – watch out 2018!

This year has already marked one hundred  years since women were given the right to vote but it doesn’t stop there! Yesterday, 21st February 2018, Minette Batters was elected as the first female president of the NFU (National Farmers’ Union). 

The NFU was founded in 1908 and in its 110 year existence, Minette is the first woman to take on the top role. This is a huge step forward for women in farming. Minette has already played her part in British farming, co-founding ‘Ladies in Beef’ with Jilly Greed but she didn’t just stop there. Minette’s passion for farming will help bring a new energy to the NFU team and I look forward to hearing what they have planned!

This announcement coincides with the latest NFYFC news of the three leading ladies and this is an exciting time for women in farming. I cannot wait to see what will come next!

Minette Batters, a beef farmer from Wiltshire, is the first woman to lead the NFU in its 110-year history.