Which Post-Brexit Government proposal has the hospitality sector rightly concerned?

With a recent survey concluding that approximately 43% of workers in the hospitality industry (e.g. restaurants, hotels and pubs) are foreign nationals, the Immigration Minister’s (Robert Goodwill) statement that a £1,000 levy could be brought in this April is causing a stir.

It is likely to apply to firms recruiting workers from within the EU post-Brexit.  Currently, the free movement of workers relieves UK firms from hiring skilled workers within the EEA.

Mr Goodwill also stated that “In April this year we are also bringing in the immigration skills charge for non-EEA skilled workers. If you want to recruit an Indian computer programmer on a four-year contract on top of the existing visa charges and the resident labour market test there will be a fee of £1,000 per year.”

It appears that no business may be safe from extra charges which are set to approach in the uncertain times ahead.

On the other hand, until Theresa May sets out the proposed plans for Brexit, we can hold off attending our panic stations.

The industry has called proposals to charge British employers £1,000 for every worker they employ from the European Union following Brexit, 'very worrying' with concerns the move will add huge costs to restaurants, hotels and pubs.