Warning- GDPR has (big) teeth

Dispute Resolution - 1 minute read

You may remember that British Airways were in the news last year when hackers managed to steal personal data from their website by re-directing customers to a fraudulent site.  500,000 customers were affect.

Wel, in one of the first fines the ICO have issued under GDPR, BA have been fined £183,390,000 (yes, you did read that right) for their failure to secure their site.  The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham (a name we will almost certainly hear about more soon), referred to BA’s poor security measures as a key reason for the large fine the ICO imposed.

If you collect personal data on your website, it is your responsibility to ensure you have take adequate measures to protect it from unauthorised access.  If you don’t the ICO will bite!

The £183.4m fine, the first the ICO has proposed under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), amounts to about 1.5% of British Airways’ £11.6bn worldwide turnover last year.