The top ten most common items stolen from hotel rooms

At a recent hotel stay I noticed a sign saying that any missing towels from my room would be presumed to have been purchased by me and charged to my card accordingly (umm, not actually legal since any transaction must be authorized by the card-holder and may also be a breach of the Data Protection Act).

It got me thinking about what guests help themselves to from hotel rooms (and why!) and I found this article on the King of Cotton website, confirming that, unsurprisingly, towels are at the top of the list.

A survey a few years back suggested that 95% of hotels are hit by theft and that one in ten guests will steal at least one item. And the cost of those sticky fingers? £4000 a year for the average hotel and over £15,000 for a five star.

I see that artwork theft makes the list: which does rather beg the question: how?! I suppose one can almost admire the bare-faced nerve of a guest who simply strolls out past reception with a framed picture under his arm….


Most travelers and holiday makers book a hotel room because they love the view out the window and the stylish décor inside. While the majority of hotel guests simply enjoy the expensive furnishings and items while they are actually in the room, some people decide that these tastefully selected fixtures would look just as great in their own homes – subsequently cramming as much nice stuff as possible into their suitcases and hoping no one notices!
Here are the top 10 most common items stolen from hotel rooms - some of them may surprise you.
Towels are the most common item stolen from hotel rooms, and you can understand why. Most hotels provide incredibly soft, luxurious and comforting towels that just feel so good wrapped around your body.