Restaurant, Pub, food outlet and hotel owners: Beware

Beware of what exactly?

Beware that hygiene matters, and that the lack thereof can have a significant effect on your public relations and on the footfall in your establishments.

The above may seem outrageously obvious, but that was not what the Environmental Health Officers in Northamptonshire established when they inspected the Sondes Arms! (see article link below).

You’ll be glad to know that the pub rectified the issues that arose.

The safest and simplest option for the hospitality sector in this regard is to always stay on the safe side.

There is power in the 5 rating. Make sure you have it on your window.

During the inspection, the local authority found an electronic fly killer heavily encrusted with dead flies and no hot water to a hand basin. E.coli bacteria was found in a sample taken from 8 November.