Its all about the experience

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Its less than 24 hours until the long awaited (at least two and half decades!) Westgate Centre opens in Oxford. As a dedicated shopper, I can’t wait!

And how interesting to read about the new customer concierge service being launched by John Lewis when it opens its swanky new doors tomorrow. A ‘brand experience manager’ will be in situ to help book lunch, arrange fittings and provide a plan for their day of retail.

As this article says, its an interesting development at a time when online shopping is proving an ever increasing threat to on-the-ground retailer. 

Indeed, a team from the Oxford Playhouse have been to train all of the new John Lewis staff in voice and body language skills!

Best I pop up the road tomorrow and see it for myself…all in the line of business research of course!

John Lewis today unveiled its latest take on the 21st century customer experience at a new store that puts services at the heart of retail.

Services and experiences, from eye tests and nail bars to car fitting advice and technology training, will take up a fifth of the floorspace at the new store, set to open in Oxford next Tuesday. Service staff working at a central 'experience desk” led by a 'brand experience manager” will take a concierge-style role as they help customers plan their day, bookthem into a workshop, match them with a style or home design adviser, or find them a table in the rooftop restaurant.