How two inches extra on your home extension can cost you £200,000

Property Disputes - 2 minutes read

Did you know: Two inches extra on your home extension could cost you £200,000?

Sometimes the little things in life really can really make a big difference.

In this case reported by Alastair Lockhart for the MailOnline, a couple who extended their property two inches (68 cm) onto their neighbours’ land have been ordered to demolish it and pay legal costs of both parties to the property law dispute, estimated to be in the region of £200,000.

The Judge was not convinced that the couple had built inside the existing boundary, based on photographic evidence adduced at trial. The couple were said to have acted in a ‘high-handed’ manner after the neighbouring landowner put them on notice about the encroachment and trespass, but they continued with their property development regardless. The couple were found to have said, “If you think we have come over, then go to Court.”

The Judge said, “One of the sad features of the case is that before the parties began building new extensions to the rear of their property, they lived in harmony and were on good terms.”

This is a prime example where a lack of communication has resulted in costly and protracted litigation.

Chances are that, had the parties undergone mediation to resolve matters before or during construction works were underway, they would have been able to maintain their good neighbourly relations. Not to mention the couple not being out of pocket for the cost of constructing (and then having to demolish) the extension, as well as nearly £200,000 legal costs.