How Brexit can help the hospitality sector

Guess what word is back…

Back again…


Yes – and the news that flowed from the Supreme Court ruling yesterday will have a further effect on which new regulations and laws will themselves have a further effect on the hospitality sector.

Theresa May was praised by The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers and the British Beer & Pub Association who claimed Britain was a “critical” and “profitable” export market that employs “millions” of EU workers.

Mrs May also stated that the UK would still be able to trade with Europe (under what deal or guise, we are not sure yet). This could have some great effects on competitive tax, especially in the UK’s food and drink sector to the British economy.

If Article 50 is eventually triggered in March, we will have a better idea of what is to come….sooner.

It is important that British firms, particularly in the beer and pub sector, can continue to seek international talent for soft skills shortages, including non-graduates, in the UK, and we await further details of how any new work permit system might work.”