Guilt free organic ice-cream. What’s not to like?

Only yesterday I was getting excited about Oxfordshire farmers using throw-away plastics as an innovative new material for building animal housing and today I am even more excited to learn that I can buy eco-friendly ice-cream from North Aston Dairy.

It really is inspiring to hear about the choices we are making in Oxfordshire to provide sustainable and envionmentally friendly food products and I wish North Aston Dairy every success. Now I just need to decide which flavour ice-cream I want and I’m off!

FOR years, UK dairy farmers have complained that supermarkets are squeezing the life out of their industry.

Now, an organic farm in Oxfordshire is challenging that narrative – and the supermarkets.

North Aston Dairy has created a business model in which the whole process, from milking to doorstep delivery, is provided by the company.