Fairness in flexible working

The UK government has launched an open consultation on their proposals to make flexible working the default.

However, new research suggests there are underlying concerns when it comes to equality of treatment between office-based and home-based employees.

Businesses are encouraged to take steps to ensure their workers receive equal opportunities, and so they remain engaged, involved and informed – regardless of their place of work.

Organisations who fail to heed such advice could face a drain in talent as workers look for other employment, or claims arising from unfair treatment or discrimination.

Only half of employers are confident they’ll treat employees evenly and fairly

New research has revealed concerns over the treatment of staff in the world of hybrid work. The Mind the Gap report from Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety specialist WorkNest, which is based on a survey of over 490 employers and 1,000 employees, found that only around half (52%) of employers are confident that office-based and home-based employees will be treated evenly and fairly in the next 12 months.

Compounding the issue, employees are even more doubtful about their employer’s ability to be even and fair. Only 40% are confident that their employer will be.