Employment Fair…? Employers beware!

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Having given a talk with Prisca Bradley, our Head of Employment, on top tips for hiring an employee, I was reminded that an ’employment fair’ took place in the Oxford Town Hall yesterday.

Word on the street is that the new Westgate Centre complex will attract over 3000 jobs to the area.

From an employment point of view, that is potentially over 20,000 job applicants to sift through, about 10,000 interviews and then, of course, the 3000 or so happy successful applicants.

Whether it is a small chain or national home brand, employers will need to ensure that they are legally compliant every step of the way.

Unconscious bias, preconceptions and our own preferences already play a part in our decision-making, and so organisations must ensure that those do not manifest themselves into potential acts of discrimination or prejudice.

From even before you begin advertisement to the on-boarding of the staff member, companies should consider taking legal advice to protect themselves from any claims that may come their way.

If you are an organisaton whose employment contracts, HR processes or interview rationale needs a review, get in touch. 

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The site will be home to more than a hundred shops, a restaurant and a cinema and will bring three thousand jobs to the area. The development is costing £440 million and work began 2 years ago.