Drones- The new way to tackle rural crime?

Police forces across the Country are beginning to report on the difference drones are making to policing in rural areas. Lincolnshire’s Police Force are using drones, as well as off road vehicles under operation Galileo, in the hope that they will reduce hare coursing levels and other types of rural crime.  

Drones have received plenty of bad press in recent years, however, is that all about to change?  With Farming communities reporting increased levels of violence from hare coursers, could drones act as a deterrent?

Hare coursing was made illegal under the Hunting Act 2004, yet rural communities are still falling victim to the actions of hare coursers. Often rural communities will face threatening behaviour, physical and verbal abuse, damage to gates, entrances and crops. 

As police forces across the Country trial operations similar to that of Lincolnshire’s Police Force, will we see a drop in these rural crimes?

Last season, farmers said some areas of the county resembled the 'Wild West' after an escalation in the level of violence used by coursers.

Mr Skelly said evidence gathered by drones would help 'bring about a better result for our rural communities... and the right convictions for the worst offenders'.