Category: Inheritance

Why appointing a professional executor could be right for you

Although most people choose a family member to be the executor of their estate, it is not always your best option. Whether you want to prevent your family from falling out when one person is selected over another, or you want to remove the burden of endless paperwork and understanding the legal requirements involved, there are many reasons why appointing a professional executor could be right for you. Here are the key benefits to appointing a professional executor to administer your estate after you die.

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Inheritance tax planning and rental properties

Official statistics show that more than 2.5 million individuals own a rental property in the UK. The freezing of the inheritance tax (IHT) nil rate band since 2009 (currently £325,000), coupled with house price growth over the same period, means that many of these landlords’ estates will be liable to IHT when they die. Yes, […]

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