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5 top tips for co-parenting during the festive season

The lead-up to the festive season is an exciting time for children, filled with fun, food, and celebrations. However, for parents who are separated, the run-up to the winter break can be a difficult time, particularly if the arrangements for the children have not been agreed.

Here are our top tips for separated parents to help navigate this period.

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Taking a child abroad on holiday after divorce or separation

As the October half term approaches, many divorced or separated parents will be taking their children abroad on holiday. If you are thinking about a trip with your child where you will be taking them to another country, there are few important points to consider before your trip:

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Top tips for separated parents during the summer holidays

Before you know it, school will be out for the summer, and already the lovely weather has brought the feel of a fast approaching holiday within reach. For children, this is often the happiest time of their year, a chance to take an academic break, away from grades and pressure in favour of ice cream, […]

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How can we protect children whilst giving them a voice during child arrangement decisions?

Today is International Children’s Day, it is a day when the world comes together to celebrate children but also to consider how their welfare can be improved and protected. This focus on welfare is exactly what legal practitioners and Judges up and down the country strive to do every day when making decisions about the arrangements for children. This is, however, often at arm’s length from the children themselves.

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7 ways separating parents can help a child with autism cope with change

Divorce or separation can have a significant impact on children, and how it affects each child will vary depending on a range of factors. These include their age, personality, and the extent to which the separation will change their everyday life and routines.

When parents of an autistic child separate, there may be additional factors to consider. Autistic children often benefit hugely from a clear routine, and may have increased anxiety around change, both of which can be a challenge when parents are separating.

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