Barista Visa or Asta la Visata EU migrant workers?

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Would any foreigner relish coming to the UK strictly for the purposes of working as a barista for 2 years and then leave?

Highly unlikely, I would suggest.

Lord Green, the chairman of Migration Watch UK on the other hand considers this a worthwhile proposal.

To put this into the right context, the plans mirror the Home Office’s current Youth Mobility Scheme, which is open to young people from Japan, Monaco and Taiwan. The target marker in this instance would now be young Europeans who will be affected after Brexit (whatever ‘bBexit’ means or looks like at the moment).

Suffice to say, it is not something which is likely to materialise any time soon. Like the rest of the plans for Brexit, and in light of the (BREAKING NEWS) call for a snap general election on 8 June, anything can happen.

Watch this space.

We can meet the needs of pubs and restaurants and maintain our links with young Europeans by allowing them to come for a strictly limited period of two years to work,” Lord Green told the newspaper.