3 Simple Hospitality Tips to Achieve Top Rated Customer Satisfaction

Whilst Brexit, Trump, and all manner of post-recession tremors are in the cauldron of live matters for most businesses, the hospitality sector – particular, the hotel industry – still maintains the ability to thrive and grow.* 


By achieving top class rated customer satisfaction.

And how is that done?

I’ll give you 3 tips of how to achieve just that:

1) Great website = Great customer experience

Most customers will begin their hotel homework experience online, so having a easy to navigate website is the first bridge for success.

Websites with clear directions (including maps), nearby places of interest, information of disability friendly rooms and great reviews are instantly attractive. All this should help the online shopper be able to book quickly with minimum hassle.

2) Higher customer understanding = Higher number of bookings

The search for a final destination usually begins online, however many customers call to book. A direct phone number is therefore a must.

Personally, the amount of times I have been put off getting in touch with a hotel because I am faced with an impersonal ‘fill-in’ tab tower is getting lower, but when it appears on the screen, I usually move on to another hotel.

Personal interaction is key in this case, and knowing the customer base should be at the centre of the staff’s minds.

Know and understand your client base, and you will in turn master the way to attain a higher number of bookings.

3) Improve customer satisfaction = Improve number of ratings

Prevention is better than cure, and recovery is better than complaint handling.

The hotel industry can be phenomenally ridden with requests and complaints coming in from all manner of mediums: online, in person, via email or in person.

By addressing these requests or issues quickly, a hotel will have fewer complaints in return. 

When hotel customers need anything from hotel staff (from clean towels to extra pillows, and room service to assistance with carrying their bags), they expect quick and efficient service.

In short, a quick turnaround to requests can have a big impact on the reviews left by customers at the end of their stay.

*The article is written in the context of the hotel industry, but this tips can be adapted & modified for most sectors.