100% British Lamb- A triumph for British Farmers

 With Sainsbury’s announcement that all of their lamb products will be 100% sourced from British Farms from next month, this is a well deserved triumph for British Farming!

Sainsburys is one of the largest retailers in Britain and has now responded to the uproar from British Farmers, following the Easter sales of imported lamb products.   

Although this is a great success for British Farmers, it would appear that Sainsburys had little choice in the matter, following the bold move by Co-Operative Food earlier in the year. 

It is hoped that similar supermarket chains will follow Co-Operative’s lead and fully support British Farmers.

When stocking up for your summer BBQ, don’t forget to support the British Farmers!

From next month, all of Sainsbury's lamb products will be 100% sourced from British farms, after making the announcement last May.