Property pricing

Our residential property team has extensive experience handling both freehold and leasehold transactions. This expertise allows us to provide clear fee estimates for your conveyancing process.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of a property. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Exchange of Contracts: This confirms both parties intend to proceed with the sale.
  • Completion: The property is officially transferred, and keys are exchanged.

Fee Estimates:

The table below outlines our estimated fees for a typical, straightforward residential property transaction. Please note that unforeseen circumstances may affect the final cost.

Residential Purchase

Residential Sale
£2500 + VAT + disbursements (under £1,000,000)
£2000 + VAT  + disbursements (under £1,000,000)

0.35% of the property value + VAT (over £1,000,000)

0.35% of the property value + VAT  (over £1,000,000) (OK to round to a nearest whole number £100)

Assent – Mortgage free

£1500 + vat + disbursements

Assent – with Mortgage

£1500 + vat + disbursements

Transfer of Equity (in or out ) 

Starting at £1500 + vat + disbursements if leasehold then there will be a leasehold supplement added

If any property is leasehold then fees are POA (£350 supplement)

Additional Services/Fees:

Additional Service

Auction Purchase or Auction Sale

(normal Conveyancing pricing plus expedition fee of £400.00 but split 60/40 for Pre Auction review/ preparation of Auction Legal Pack on a sale Рand post auction conveyancing work

Bridging Loan

Declaration of Trust 

POA (refer to Family)

Deed of Easement 


Deed of Variation 


First registration

Additional £250 + VAT

HTB Application or Redemption


Key Undertaking 

Lease extension (Statutory Route DR, non statutory Resi)

Leasehold Title


Lifetime ISA 
£50 + VAT for each account Maximum (This is the rules of the Government Scheme)
Change of Proprietor Name at HMLR POA
New Build 

Freehold Management Packs & Associated Works

POA (starting £1500)

Removal of restriction   


SDLT Return 


Setting up indemnity Policy 


Shared ownership property


Statutory Declaration 


Gifted Deposit on purchase

£100 per giftor 

Drafting a TP1



If you’re using a mortgage, your lender might approve us to represent both you and them. Our fee estimates reflect this scenario. However, if your lender requires separate legal representation, additional fees will apply based on their requirements.