Christopher Ozimic, Head of Dispute Resolution at Hedges Law

Christopher Ozimic

Head of Dispute Resolution

Should you have a dispute involving property, commercial or residential, then pick up the phone or email me and let’s tackle it together.

When solving problems two heads are better than one. There is nothing I love more than bringing my experience and expertise to a situation, helping someone to resolve a dispute and achieve an outcome that they are happy with – and hopefully delighted with.

Over and over again the clients I have had the opportunity to support are not just looking for an experienced and knowledgeable legal advisor, but somebody who can tap that reservoir to find practicable and workable solutions.

If I’m not working hard to find solutions for my clients, you can find me casting out to those lovely little tributaries in Oxford!


"His advice was just what we needed - extremely professional and hugely reassuring. Critically, his calm and knowledgeable approach has diffused the situation and means we’ve managed to avoid a potentially lengthy, costly, and stressful litigation process."

Christopher Ozimic

Head of Dispute Resolution

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Christopher Ozimic

Head of Dispute Resolution

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