Women’s Aid call out abuse by Love Island Males

Love it or hate it, Love Island’s male contestants are yet again teaching us all some important lessons about red flags in relationships. Whether it’s Luca’s excessively controlling behaviour, Dami’s gaslighting, or Davide’s misogyny, they provide a valuable reminder that abuse isn’t always dramatic and explosive. 

All three of the women being subjected to the behaviour are clearly intelligent, independent and strong. It echoes what I’ve noticed in my own practice as a family law specialist. So often successful, strong women don’t even realise that they are victims of abuse until the relationship comes to an end and they have space to reflect, or a third party intervenes and shines a mirror on what’s been happening.    

Women's Aid said all of the above had led it to seek out ITV bosses to talk about the concerns it had about the show.

The charity said producers had shared information on their inclusion training - coaching given to all islanders around appropriate behaviours and sensitive topics including disability and race.

'But what appears to be missing is specific information on abusive relationships and an understanding of controlling behaviour in relationships,' Teresa Parker said.

'It is vital that producers know when to intervene and challenge unacceptable behaviour.'