What the General Election Results Mean For Workers’ Rights

Dispute Resolution - 1 minute read

Whatever media rhetoric may be thrown at us, the Conservatives had the majority vote, and teaming up with the DUP means that some of these Conservative proposals are likely to come to pass:

  1. Statutory right to unpaid care lease
  2. General better rights for gig economy workers 
  3. 2 weeks’ paid leave for parents who lose a child
  4. Workers not to lose any protections they enjoy under EU law after Brexit
  5. An extension of the gender pay gap reporting obligation to ethnicity
  6. Improvement of worker representation on the board of companies
  7. Statutory time off for training
  8. Greater protection from irresponsible company behavior
  9. Feeding from point 8 above, Jeremy Hunt included rumours that he was going to allow workers with mental health conditions (e.g. strses) to be protected against disability discrimination without the need to have had the condition for more than a year.
  10. Rise in the over 25 year olds’ annual NMW by 2022 (currently £7.50 p/hr)