What does 2017 hold for the residential property market?

So, we’ve blown away the cobwebs, recovered from the Christmas break and it’s back to day job. However, rather than the lull in instructions usually experienced in January we’ve experienced an unprecedented number of buyers and sellers asking us to help them move. Whilst I’d like to think this is all down to the fabulous service we offer I suspect there may be other factors at work too. So what does 2017 hold for those in residential property?

The last couple of years have been unpredictable to say the least and that trend looks set to continue with uncertainty both on a global and national level not to mention changes to mortgage interest tax relief for investors.

This article sets out the expected trends for 2017. Whilst I am too cowardly to set out my predictions for the year for fear of being lambasted in 12 months’ time I do think the Daily Mail is correct in terms of the shift in investor focus to higher yield areas of northern England . 

Buckle your seat-belts.. if nothing else 2017 looks set to be a bumpy ride!

‘We expect investors to reduce mortgage debt and buy more for cash or with smaller mortgages in higher- yielding locations such as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham,’ says Stuart Law, of property investment consultancy Assetz.