Trading with consumers? What you need to know to comply with the new ADR Regulations

Dispute Resolution

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This article by Elizabeth Reppe – Barrister at Keating Chambers – examines who needs

to comply with the Regulations, what traders need to do and the

type of ADR envisaged by the Regulations which took effect on 1st October.

The new Regulations will affect all businesses in the UK which sell goods, services or digital content to consumers.

Regulation 19(2) requires a trader who has exhausted its internal complaint handling procedure when considering a consumer’s complaint relating to a sales or a service contract to inform the consumer:

That the trader cannot settle the complaint with the consumer.
Of the name and website address of an ADR entity or EU listed body that would be competent to deal with the complaint.
Whether the trader is obliged, or prepared, to submit to an ADR resolution procedure operated by an ADR entity or EU listed body.