To sleep, perchance to dream … of marital bliss.

I read this interesting article in Glamour this weekend about ‘sleep divorce’ – a seemingly new description of an old phenomenon: married couples sleeping separately. We all know that a bad night’s sleep makes us grumpier the next day. Prolonged periods of sleep-deprivation compound this and only serve to magnify other issues that may be present.

To be, or not to be, in a bed together may well be a sensible conversation for a stressed couple to have. If it can ameliorate the small problems in a relationship, it may prevent them becoming big problems.

I think we are all enduring a weary life at the moment. Many couples are facing added pressures brought by lockdown, with couples often now both working from home, and without the pressure valve release of socialising away from the home, this is an idea that must give us pause. 

Few marriages end from a single determinative shock; rather it is the cumulative suffering of a thousand slings and arrows. Those otherwise petty irritations that result from spending time with anyone that makes calamity of so long a married life. It seems then to be a timely reminder that small steps  to alleviate tension and irritation can spare future heartache.

For who would wish to bear the pangs of dispriz’d love, or indeed the law’s delay, that relationship breakdown might bring? Sweet dreams…

...after spending every waking moment together for nearly a year, you might have come to terms with a regrettable truth: You love your live-in partner, but you want a sleep divorce.