Tips on working remotely during Covid-19

Specialist legal recruiter Emilia Casaus provided advice to the Law Gazette on how lawyers should approach working from home. The current crisis has seen an unprecedented number of professionals working from home.

Emilia breaks her advice into the following sections:

1. Don’t get overwhelmed.

2. Stay in touch with your colleagues.

3. Stay up-to-date with legal updates.

4. Create a distinct workspace in your home.

5. Set some boundaries with yourself.

6. Manage distractions as best as you can.

7. Stick to a routine.

It is important to have the work life balance, whilst also staying connected with your role and your colleagues. The uncertainty and current situation can add to your worry and stress, but following the advice from Emilia can help with maintaining routine and ensuring you do not burn yourself out.

The number of lawyers who are working remotely has surged recently due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. For some, this will be a challenging time, but the legal sector thrives on remote working, and legal teams up and down the country will likely rise to the challenge. It may also pose some benefits. Studies have suggested that lawyers who take advantage of home working are more productive and use less sick leave than their colleagues.

That being said, some lawyers and legal professionals will find the next few months a daunting prospect and may worry about their motivation and productivity dropping as a result of working from home. We recently asked Emilia Casaus, a specialist legal recruiter from Sellick Partnership to get her advice on how legal professionals should approach working from home during this unprecedented time.